Digital Marketing, SEO Services and PPC

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing or online marketing is the art of using internet based digital technology in growing your business. It helps in promoting your products and services to present and future clients. The emergence of Web 2.0 technologies (wiki links, blogs and social networking) makes sharing of articles and content easier than ever.
This tech ubiquity allow companies to engage with their brand followers and potential customers. Online marketing gives your brand the control over sharing of texts, images, podcasts and videos. Additionally, it can help you shape the public perception of your products and services.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing comprises and leverages several forms of online marketing and digital campaigns. This includes Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.
Content Marketing is another type of Digital Marketing which often involves Content Creation. This includes blog posts, white papers and e-books, podcasts, digital video, and others.
Email Marketing & Management strategies is also an essential part of Marketing in growing your brands. Often categorized under Content Marketing, email marketing is paramount in increasing user engagement. See specific marketing sections on how your business can leverage online digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Search Engine Optimization service is ideal for improving your Google Search Ranking. A responsive website design isn’t enough for growing traffic on an existing or newly built website. Our SEO package aims to improve your website ranking on Microsoft Bing Search, Yahoo and Yandex.
SEO doesn’t have to be a daunting campaign without insurance. Shacode provides audits, monthly updates and rank reports throughout the marketing phase. Our service delivery aims to maximize your chance of ranking high above your competitors. As part of our complete SEO package, we implement Onsite SEO as well as off your site Offsite SEO.

On-page / Onsite Technical SEO

Our onsite SEO aka Technical SEO is often part of our complete package whereby no additional cost is incurred on your part. This aspect of SE ranking improvement focuses on the implementing search engine fundamentals. Technical SEO includes the implementation of metadata, meta-tags, schemas and alternative tags. This may also include creation of several high-ranking contents, prioritizing intended target keywords.
Additionally, we may also create a SEO friendly link structure, ensuring your URL are easy to read. Ultimately giving your site an SEO-friendly URL.
We reconfigure your website, ensuring it is ready for submission to Search engines. Our SEO specialists may work alongside your team in curating necessary content.

Offsite SEO (off-page)

Build Back-links and for your website

You can see this as your websites making friends with other businesses and forming a network of trust. We find relevant, this includes article submissions to partners and similar sites in your industry.

Content Creation

SEO friendly content are creating to target niche needed for promoting your products and services. Scheduled content are written to maximize your off-page SEO results.

Negative SEO Removal

Dis-vowing back-links to your site

Aside from building new networks of trust for your site, we also help you to denounce untrustworthy or bad affiliations. This process of disavowing links ensures you’re getting the right back-links from high quality domains.

Site Webmaster monitoring

We ensure the right tools and in place monitoring flow of information into and out of your websites. Be it links, comments or social mentions. Continuous monitoring helps us identify potential threats and malware your websites may be hosting.

See our blog article SEO for dummies for a good introduction to SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Manage end-to-end processes for growing your social media, From creation to publishing. Help with Increasing Twitter followers count or generating more Facebook audience interaction. Improve engagement with your audience using our social media campaigns and strategy. Know you customers and explore ways of decreasing churn rate.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

We can help with Google Ads campaign with selected and targeted keywords. A Dedicated Team of ShaCode Experts to manage planning, bidding and executions. We provide research and analysis on selected and targeted keywords. As a result, giving you an edge in the competitive market. We create PPC Ads for location based businesses or global corporation. Helping your customers find you on Google using Google Ads, let us handle the heavy lifting for you.

Content Creation & Email Marketing Strategies

We can cater for you Content and Email Marketing needs. Write the right story for the right audience to increase brand awareness. We curate SEO friendly content; as a result, increasing customer interaction and awareness. We create campaigns aiming to convert audience into customers. Consequently, helping you to get large return on investments. The Content Creation manager will work with you to target specific keywords (usually 2 or 3 for new websites). Every written content aims to improve ranking or traffic for a specific webpage, category on your site, or the website as a whole. We can also help in increasing the open rate and click rate of the Emails and Newsletters sent to your users. We ensure return on investments are maximized on every service rendered.