ShaCode: Digital Transformation, Marketing, Cloud Hosting, IT Services

ShaCode is a Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Automation & IT Service Company in London. We render IT Services and Technology Consulting for Small Businesses and SMEs globally. We help businesses drive change at different levels of their Digital Transformation journey.

How we drive Business Change at Shacode

We drive change through streamlining processes, people up-scaling, and efficient management of resources. We adopt immersive technology and IT Automation in solving complex Businesses problems.

Using Technology to drive Digital Transformation (DX)

The technology aspect of your digital transformation should be innovative and efficient. This could be adopting Cloud infrastructure, IOT and Automation using Artificial Intelligence powered systems. Leverage Virtual agents and intelligent systems for business processes automation. Consequently, reducing Business efforts and FTEs equivalent.

Transform your existing web presence with Mobile transformation, UX and Digital Designs. Get Interactive with responsive website design with appealing User Mobile experience.

Similarly, we offer managed Cloud Hosting services, Email and Web Solution with 99.9% uptime. Our servers are in Los Angeles (United States), Amsterdam (Europe) and London, United Kingdom. Shacode combines enhanced performance solutions and military grade security systems. Hence, reassuring your business continuity at all times.

Employ business transformation through strategic digital implementation. Digital marketing campaign targeted to grow your online presence and boost your web ranking amongst competitors. Your business should benefit from strategic SEO implementation or Social Media marketing.

A.I. & Digital Transformation

Shacode AI & Virtual Agents

  • Business Processes Automation

  • Virtual Help Desk / Assistant

  • Automated Service Desk

  • Chat bots and Virtual agents

Website Design

Optimize your website for portability. Your website should be responsive and adaptive on many devices.
  • Responsive Web Design & Development

  • SEO friendly web design

  • Website performance, speed and caching.

Desktop Applications & Mobile Apps Development

  • Desktop and Mobile Applications
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Apps Design
  • Program debugging and bug fixes

Cloud Hosting Services & Solutions

Cloud Hosting & Storage

  • Virtual Private Server / Cloud

  • Business Web Hosting

  • Shared Web Hosting

  • WordPress Hosting

  • Managed cloud Hosting Services

High Availability and Recovery

  • High Availability and Replication Solutions
  • Cloud Back Up and Disaster Recovery
  • Performance across zones and regions

Cloud Providers Integrations & Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Support.

Business Email Hosting & Cloud Solutions

ShaCode offers Exchange Email, Google’s G-Suite and Rackspace’s mailbox integration.

Office 365 Email Solutions:

Office 365 provides you with Security, Collaboration and Cost Savings. Grants you the ability to work remotely at ease.

Need a tech specialist, IT Services or IT support team? Contact us to speak to one of our Engineers or Tech experts.

Our London Office 365 IT Services

  • Office 365 Set-up
  • Onsite Support in London
  • Remote Email Services Support
  • Office 365 Tenant migration
Our Digital Marketing, PPC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts are world-class trained. Our in-house SEO specialists can craft the right digital marketing strategies needed to give your traffic a boost. Contact our Digital Marketing team for a discussion on how to rank higher on search engines result pages.

Digital Marketing

Shacode marketing offerings is bound to place you above your market competitors. This comprises of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offerings helps to improve your Google Ranking and rank higher on major search engines. As a result, We get your site indexed and optimized for search engines likes Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

Social Media Marketing

Leave end-to-end process for growing your social media traffic to Shacode. We execute the Social Media marketing, conversion management, content creation and publishing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement

You’ll have a Dedicated Team of ShaCode Experts managing your Google Ads campaign. The keywords research, market analysis and competitor audit will help you identify potential gaps. Our targeted keywords analysis helps you assess potential threats, as a result, giving you an edge in the competitive market.

Content Marketing & Creation

Providing quality content creation and content marketing. We can run the entire pipeline from drafting, editing to publishing, see more on our marketing page.
Visit our online marketing page for more info on Content Marketing, SEO and PPC.

Email Marketing

Increase your open-rate and click-through rate with our Email marketing services. We help create lasting engagement with your email subscribes, converting audience into customers.


Intelligent SEO using Digital Marketing

Shacode’s Tech Support Services

Managed IT Support

Reduce Server, Infrastructure or website Downtime with Team of professionals and Qualified Help-Desk. We offer dedicated Onsite Assistance/ Remote Support as per your business requirements.

Staff Training

Structured Courses, Tech Certification Support, Promoting User Adoption.

IT System Monitoring

Server monitoring, Website monitoring with Notifications.

Application Support

ShaCode’s Support services includes All Major Applications i.e. Microsoft Office 365, Windows, Antivirus, and more.

Service Desk and Help Desk

We understand the need for having a Help Desk for your clients. We also appreciate the need for a service help desk for your operational needs. ShaCode offerings also include Infrastructures, server assists and service delivery.


IT Services & Consultancy

ShaCode can offer support with your current and upcoming IT Projects. We also offer virtual consultancy services  such as Virtual CTO, CIO and IT Director. An acting and dedicated representative give you all the confidence your business needs. A Technology head is all you need to drive your technological change.

Contact Shacode.